Q : When you say 10 pieces minimum order, do you mean per designs or mixed?
A : You can choose and mixed any designs or brands, as long the total order is 10 pieces.
Q : Are the price in the website quoted the Wholesale pricing?
A : Yes, the price are all quoted at Ex. Factory Wholesale pricing in USD which does not include shipping charges
Q : Can I get discount if I buy more than 10 pieces from your website, what is the discount price for 20 pieces?
A : Most customer have mistaken that buying more than 10 pieces will get better discount price as we have set the minimum order at 10 pieces, our reasons to set this low order quantity is to allow customer to buy freely and start small business easily without hassle to order big quantity, for that - we are not able to further lower our wholesale pricing or give discount. We hope that our buyer do understand our point of wholesale business as we like to serve every international buyer equally by only one standard of wholesale price.
Q : How long period do you have New Arrivals?
A : We update our websites everyday with New arrivals.
Q : From which country is this apparels ship-out?
A : All fashion apparels order will be ship-out from Guangzhou - China.
Q : Can you put my company own brands label on the apparels, do you have minimum order?
A : YES, we can put the designs under your own brand label with the following requirement :-
Minimum order is 300 pieces per designs which you can choose 3 colours (3 colours x 100pcs)
Buyer must provide own label.
Lead time for delivery is 20 days (subjected to changes as and when may require)
Q : What type of payment mode do you accept?
A : We accept payment thru Western Union, Bank Telegraphic Transfer ,Moneygram & Credit Card Paypal payment.
Q : Where can I register a PayPal account to made payment?
A : You can sign-up by clicking this link : PAYPAL
Q : I'm a buyer from Singapore, do I have to pay the shipping charges?
A : YES, you still need to pay the shipping charges from Guangzhou - China to Singapore.
Q : I need more garments pictures to put on my website, where can I get it?
A : Please ask me,and I will send mail to you.
Q : What kind of shipping method do you deliver my order?
A : We use EMS courier - 7 days arrival with a discount of 50% OFF EMS published rates,or you can choose UPS,DHL,Fedex.,but the shipping cost is different,need to according to the shipping method
Q : How is the shipping charges calculated?
A : Shipping charges are calculated base on the parcel weight, destination and day to day fuel charges.
Q : After my payment to you, how long will you ship-out my order?
A : We will ship-out your order within 3 days after receiving the payment in our favour.

Q : Do you charge extra as a services on the shipping charges?
A : No, we do not mark-up or extra charge the shipping cost. This is just an extra miles of free service. All shippng charges are quoted accordingly by the order weight and the destination. You can log-on to www.ems.com.cn to check the published rates in CNY - RMB currency.
Q : Can I use DHL to ship my order?
A : Yes, we can ship-out your order by UPS - DHL - FEDEX - TNT - DPEX etc. at your request.
Q : Can you send my order to my shipping company in other part of China so they can ship for me?
A : Yes, we can arrange to send your order to your forwarder in any part of China.
Q : Can I order samples to see the quality of the apparels?
A : Sample order are minimum 5 pieces, but there will be BMO charge of USD2.00 per piece.
Q : I will be in Guangzhou for a week, can I visit the factory & warehouse to see the apparels?
A : Yes, we welcome you to visit our factory & warehouse, please make an appointment with us.
Q : Why you do not have a payment on your website after I have placed the order while other website have ask me to pay instantly after check-out?
A : We do not want you to pay for the order on our website is because we need to check the stock availabilty and the shipping cost of your order. We will send you a quotation with the shipping cost by e-mail base on your order place on our website , if you are happy and agreed to the shipping cost, than you can request us for the payment details, if not - you can cancelled the order - no obligation. Some website would like you to pay first and later tell you that the items that you have order is Sold-Out or maybe it is a so claim wholesale online store that could let your money of No-Return after you have made the payment, or asking you for more shipping cost by giving reasons that it is the mistake of a wrong auto calculation of their website,so becareful while ordering online. Being a trusted wholesaler , we must ensure that you - our precious customer are comfort and happy with the shipping cost that we have quoted you but not by force to ask you to pay first after check-out. So, when you order online, you must ensure that the items that you have order are available before paying for it. Most buyer have been cheated of their money when the online store ask them to pay during Check-out. Our advise, do not pay until the sales of the online store have given you the correct items availability and the shipping charges.
Q : I saw that you have "No Brand Collection" on your category, what do you mean by that?
A : "No Brand Collection" are garments that are without any neck label sew on the neck area. You can re-work by sewing your own brand neck label on the garments by yourselves. This collection are Magazine Apparels manufacture almost 90% same against the most top Japanese & Korea magazine. You can also use our "SPECIAL TAILOR SERVICE" at a low fees of USD1.00 extra which we will sew Cerrucci labe on it with full packaging, you can view the Label & Packing at this link : "SPECIAL TAILOR SERVICE"
Q : Do I need to appoint a forwarder to collect my order from the airport custom or cargo centre?
A : You do not need a forwarder to clear the custom or delivery, EMS courier services are door to door services, EMS agents in most country are the local Post Office, if in doubt, please check with your local Post Office.
Q : My country need a Certificate-Of-Origin to import, can you provide me the certificate?
A : YES, we can apply for the Certificate-Of-Origin, the authority office charge the Certificate fees at USD30.00 per shipment.
Q : I saw your garments pictures on other websites and the price are lower than your website, WHY?
A : You may have seen the same pictures in other websites which the pricing are cheaper, we would like to advised that many websites are using this pictures design to produce the same pattern of garments which the quality and workmanship of the garments is a doubt. Please be reminded that www.wholesaleclothingmart.org only sell garments that are of the original brand producer. All our garments are categorized by it's own brand owner. Please do not be deceived by the pictures and low pricing offer by other website.
Q : I was advised by another supplier that I can have 6 to 8 pcs of garments in my package for 1 kgs, is yours the same.
A : I would say that this is incorrect, unless the 6 to 8 pcs of garments are like paper thin and weighs lighter, normally for a Summer Ladies blouse, it will weigh between 0.2kgs onwards (estimated weight).
Q : I require Export License to import to my country, can you apply for me?
A : YES, we can apply for the Export License for you, the charges is USD1.00 to USD2.00 per garment.
Q : Does the shipment include my country tax that I maybe charge.
A : We only gauranteed your shipment to reach you but do not warranty or paid any of your country tax which or may that the tax are imposed on you as this are rule by your country governmental regulation of import.
Q : Is there any extra fees charges besides paying the garments ordered and the EMS shipping charges?
A : There is no other extra charges except the different payment method extra admin fee charge by the respective organization:-
EXTRA CHARGES USING DIFFERENT MODE OF PAYMENT ( Not inclusive of sender Bank T/T or Western Union remittance fees)

PAYPAL PAYMENTS :- Extra 4% charge on the total Invoice amount. (Charges by PayPal - California)
BANK TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER : A nett USD12.00 admin fees. (Charges by Bank of China )- Only for Order above USD1000.00 value
WESTERN UNION : No extra charges.
Moneygram-No extra charges
All the above charges does not include Sender Bank / 3rd Party Bank charges or Remittance fees charge by the respective service provider. Total Amount should reach us at the correct and not less due to other charges which maybe charge during transaction, especially for Bank Telegraphic Transfer.